The history of our shop

The whole story began in 1986 when I went to Seoul in South Korea in order to teach French. I had found this job thanks to a couple of Korean friends who had studied in Belgium.

We had to bring the items ourself to the portAt the end of 1987 our first Korean container landed on Belgian soil. My mother, who was helped by my brother, had opened our shop in Brussels. 

Three years later, as my brother preferred the joys of paragliding better than the arts of the morning calm country, I came back to Belgium to help my mother and the job did arouse a real passion.

Meanwhile I met a Japanese lady in Spain who was also fascinated with her patrimony and who became my wife. She made me discovered Japan and its immense cultural heritage.

Since then, we spent there every year between 2 and 3 months in order to collect a great number of items that we bring back to Europe.


Patrick Mailleux

Patrick Mailleux