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Our shop in Brussels

Since 1987, we have spent 2-3 months a year mostly in the South of Japan, where we find our "items' through small dealers and "private parties".

We then need to restore or at least clean up most of our pieces before adding them to our 200 square meter show room in Brussels.


As we find most of our items in countries and even sometimes directly from private houses, it is vital to restore or at least to clean up most of them.

Our master craftsman, Guy Moretti and his Restoration team have been restoring Japanese antiques since 1988. Thanks to his know-how, we manage to restore them without damaging their original finishing and patina.

We can provide an estimate for restorations pending our current workload.

Our Shop (200m2)

Chaussée de Waterloo(sesteenweg), 417
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 346 0640

Open Tuesday to Saturday
From 11AM to 6PM